Handcrafted Ceramics by Swan Whigham

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Glazing and workshops

Tonight I am going back to Wild Child to finish glazing some ware. Two more starfish pots should be bisque fired by now too. It's very time consuming to glaze but it's important. Although glazing is my least favorite part of the creating process, it has become more interesting of late. I used to just glaze the inside of the pots with a water green or blue, then accent the outside of the pots with iron oxide then put them in the salt kiln. Now that I don't have access to a salt kiln, I've had to experiment with cone 6 oxidation glazes. Cone 6 glazes have really come a long way, even since I was in college.
I haven't built anything in a while, but this week I will get a few things built. Next week I am having two ceramic workshops at my home. On November 4th, I will be directing a Mommy and Me workshop. We will be making Christmas ornaments. I am really looking forward to creating with the kids and other moms. I have in mind to make some 3D animal ornaments and some slab ornaments with painted on animals. Fun! The next workshop will be November 7th for adults. We will be making boat vases and cups/mugs from slabs. I am really looking forward to that too! On a side note, something else I am excited about is Nov. 10th I am going to a friend's house to make some scrumptious soap. We have a great trade set up- she is teaching me to make soap and I am teaching her children how to make pottery. Great things are happening!


  1. Great work! Would love to come to your workshop!

  2. I would love to have you, Carolyn! For those also interested- the adult session is Sat. Nov. 7th from 9-12pm. Email me at swanwhigham@gmail.com before Nov. 3rd.