Handcrafted Ceramics by Swan Whigham

Sunday, September 19, 2010

From the Wood Kiln

These are my latest pieces. They were fired to around cone 10 in Rob Sutherland's wood kiln. This is the first time I have fired anything in a wood kiln. Many thanks to Rob and Good Dirt in Athens, Ga for their help, generosity in letting me fire these pieces in their kiln and encouragement!!

So remember that mother/calf whale piece from so long ago?....

Back view..
Front view...
Waking the Barnacle II...For my Dad.

My latest plates...

I so look forward to the next wood firing! You can find all but the Waking the Barnacle II for sale at Good Dirt in Athens, Ga. www.gooddirt.net.

On a side note, let me just say how much I love pottery.
I find so much joy from making these earthy, delicious, textural celebratory-of-all-God's-creature's pieces! I hope you enjoy them too. :)