Handcrafted Ceramics by Swan Whigham

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Work in Progress

The new pieces are coming, I promise! My goal at present is to finish building one piece a week. I have more than accomplished that goal so far. It takes several days for a piece to dry (especially in this humidity!). Then it takes about 2 weeks for the two firings ( I fire at two different locations and firings are dictated by their schedule). Here is proof that more is coming....
Barnacle covered jar
my studio...quaint isn't it? :)

I have several covered jars adorning squids, a hippo, an ibex, a whale and more! I also have some barnacle tumblers on the way! I am accepting special requests also. I am busy working on my website trying to get everything squared away. It is a chore!

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