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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Humpback Whale

Although there is no "cyber" evidence, I have been busy making pottery the last few months. Of course I took off lots of time to celebrate the holidays with family- which was wonderful! Merry late Christmas, Happy New Year!
I've been working on some bowls, plates and covered vessels. I am really looking forward to putting some work in a wood firing early this year. Here is one piece I finished building yesterday.
This piece was a joy to build.
I could feel the salty air brushing my face, hear the whales singing and smell the seaweed and brine mingling in the air while creating this homage to the Northwest. I find my home-land very inspiring and memories of the place I was born and spent my early child-hood provide constant fodder for my work.
This piece was hand built using thrown slabs of cone 10 Zella Stone clay. I hand sculpted a momma humpback whale with two nursing calves. You could say it represents me with my two boys. :)
I'm looking forward to popping this into the wood kiln and leaving the rest up to chance. The wood-ash and flames will hopefully complete this piece to make it one of a kind.
I just pray it doesn't crack or get unsightly singe spots...
That's part of the fun of letting the kiln finish the job, though!

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